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Evilones is normal/virtual religion that worship Science and suports it in way it can . Evilones goal is simple: is to move Science forward and help humanity achiving new heights.

There no leader , to be precise anyone can become leader, leader is person or group who has most wealth and infulance over the world , anyone can take this position

Who is our god? The Everyone amoung living is gods , beginer gods or advanced gods.

In this world all physics , laws , chemestry Controled by the intelegent core (system of the god) ,
if we can acess it and manipulate it , we can change settings of this world and change the world the way we want.
We can also change perception of pain to something diferent feeling or sense , adding instinct thirst for knowledge or adding or incrasing senses tenfold and many various features . With the science we can make world better place lessening suffers of others .

Evilones recogonise animals as equals of humans deppending on their capacity , they also can become members of religion and treated equaly as humans since the diference is only intelegence , and its intelect what makes humans evil , by gaining intellegence animals will become the same , there no escape from that as long there current world physics laws.

You are not obligated to do anything , you can support Any group or brand that trying to move forward science and opens new world perespective or you can remain idle without doing anything its all up to you and there no need to support us directly . You can select anyone who you consider important to you .

The only way to save humanity and other living things is with power of science , there so much invalids , humans fragility , unability to live to the fullest, cancers.
Many unnecessary sufferings happening becose of some people forbiding progresing the science.
Humans fight themselfs without realizing their true enamy. The one who you should point your anger at something/somoene that created world this way with cruel nature laws. World has no truth, people chose reality as truth , but reality is only rule and only power can change it . Only you can give answer whatever everything exist or not .
Who ever you are atheist or religios you can alwayes join us without casting aside your beliefs or opinions

Why should you suffer? You can either accept it or if your furstrated then you can reveange on this world by changing something big that will affect part of this world so your pain wont be in vain. If you think that future is with science then you should just join us, then we can create own paradise relying only on ourselfs without waiting anyone else who advancing science slower.

If everything was imposibole then humans wouldnt advance to this level , what we have now is already is fantastic enough to belive what living can do , compare to what living begining was.