On the game panel you can press random buttons:
      Key: M
Qvest Log
      Key: Q
            Key: C
Skill Book
      Key: N
      Key: I
      Key: M
      Key: K


You can change items and each items has its stats,
by equiping items you can incrase value of your stats,
you can buy items from vendors or sell items to them.


Stats are very important stats will determine
your atack power or defense , or health , and many other atributes
that will help you become more resistant to mobs,
for each level up , you get 4 points , make sure you spent them corectly ,
Strengh and Stamina is very important compare to other stats ,
make sure you also rise up Vitality or Spirit.


Make sure that you learn skils and check trainer each 2 levels up ,
having several skils can mortaly damage enamy instantly ,
also it will make you more mobile and you can escape from enamy faster.


Learn skils

Items with skils

Dont forget that there are items with skils like: mount/weapons/food,
it can be quite usefull since it dosent affect your energy.
To use those items you have to put item to the Input Slot
otherwise it wont work.

Dont forget that there some bugs that arent fixed for example, you can buy items until -7 gold , if you pay and your golds will be bellow -7 gold you will waste money and wont recive items.


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