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Omnifarios World is game based on *RPG* style - Role Play Game , its offers new posibilitys and new perspectives , you can discover also cannons , turrets and ships , also there some new secret game play to discover , the game is stil bugged and unfinished for demo , it need alot of work but its fun enogh to play , for now its single player but eventualy it will be network game, its raw version and its not even half of what needs to be done.

Before downloading game check "License Agreement" button , by clicking link will mean that: You have read and Agree with our terms!

You can download game from link bellow

Note : This game can be runned only on windows or PC or other devices that support .exe file
Click there to download game

Once you download game do the following:
1 If you dont have -Winrar- then download it so you can open it .
2 Once you downloaded Winrar do a mouse right click to the Omnifarious-World.RAR and press : open file with , and find Winrar("Find winrar program on your computer")
If you cant find it then try to find it in search or try this way: path is like that:
PC > LocalDisk (C:) > Users > admin > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > Programs > WinRAR
Once located it select Winrar
3 Next right click on the Omnifarious-World.RAR and Extract to Omnifarios-World/
4 Open Omnifarious-World folder and mouse dobole left click on Omnifarious World.exe and it will start

The game set at best quality in the begining , if your game will lag then highly recomend to go to Menu > Settings > Quality . And reduce Graphic quality or Texture resolutions and View Distance


Forums are up now!
Game gets constantly updated slowly but steadly