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Omnifarios World is game based on *RPG* style - Role Play Game , its offers new posibilitys and new perspectives , you can discover also cannons , turrets and ships , and many other enviroment changes , game is complete as demo version now, some bugs remain stil. .
Click there to watch the video about game

Before downloading game check "License Agreement" button , by clicking link will mean that: You have read and Agree with our terms!

You can download game from link bellow

Note : This game can be runned only on windows or PC or other devices that support .exe file
Click there to download game

Once you download game do the following:
1 If you dont have -Winrar- then download it so you can open it .
2 Once you downloaded Winrar do a mouse right click to the Omnifarious-World.RAR and press : open file with , and find Winrar("Find winrar program on your computer")
If you cant find it then try to find it in search or try this way: path is like that:
PC > LocalDisk (C:) > Users > admin > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > Programs > WinRAR
Once located it select Winrar
3 Next right click on the Omnifarious-World.RAR and Extract to Omnifarios-World/
4 Open Omnifarious-World folder and mouse dobole left click on Omnifarious World.exe and it will start

The game set at best quality in the begining , if your game will lag then highly recomend to go to Menu > Settings > Quality . And reduce Graphic quality or Texture resolutions and View Distance


New update + 25 06 2023
Other final patch might be uploaded later